Suffering is a sign along the road that you have heard the inner voice of your soul. It is the hallmark of utter dissatisfaction with what you are experiencing in your life. The mystics speak of liberation and ecstasy... I am here to hark their words with the grounded knowing that the experience of liberation from your suffering lies directly within your grasp, through knowing your own soul.

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Who Am I?

I’ve been a spiritual seeker my whole life. Now that I am in my mid-40s and have had an awakening to my soul’s purpose and passion in life, I can see that my true nature was always there, beckoning to me, sometimes quietly and sometimes strongly, calling for my attention.

Through the many challenges, obstacles, and joys of my life, I see from this new vantage point that I was dancing between my soul’s calling and my unconscious conditioning in the many choices I made. While I do not have any obvious regrets, and I honor the deep learning that I had to undergo, I am choosing to step fully into my soul's calling now and let go of all of the conditioning in order to live the truth of my being.

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Spiritual Midwife

I believe that the imprint women and babies receive during pregnancy and childbirth creates a consciousness that is carried throughout life. Women’s empowerment and support during this major rite of passage is critical for the deeper trust in the mysteries of life.

Guided by Nature

I moved to the Big Island in 2009 to start an intentional community called GaiaYoga Gardens, which is an off-grid, tribal style community in the lush jungle of Hawaii. I feel that the Earth provides the blueprint for our deep authentic primal nature, and connects us to her for deeper embodiment into our humanity.

Yoga Devotee

I embody and practice karma yoga, bhakti yoga, raja yoga, tantra yoga, and many forms of meditation, asanas, and pranayama. Karma yoga and bhakti yoga are my foundational practices for living a life of service and devotion and living from the love in my heart and to the truth of pure consciousness.
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Tantra & Sensuality Practicioner

I have trained as a practitioner of sexual healing, and had a small private practice and have taught classes since 2017.  I believe that accessing our sexual nature through yogic and energy practices is vital for our embodiment.

The experience of bliss is in knowing you: the pure and true you.

Melakai Counseling Services

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Individual Sessions



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Online Calls

What Are You Looking For?


Individual Sessions (in-person & online)

Together, we will navigate the layers of your emotional, psychological and spiritual predicament into an awareness of your situation, what your soul is asking for, and clarity as to what is being asked of you in this moment.

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Couples Counseling

Intimacy is a holistic experience.  Most relationship challenges seem to revolve around disconnection, which I interpret as an obstacle to experiencing a mutually satisfying relationship experience.

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