My Style

I have been trained as an Integrative Awakening facilitator.  One of our key precepts is harmlessness. My style is very gentle and feminine.  When we start to dive into the feelings and awareness that reside in our bodies, we encounter layers of our pain, fears, and what we have erroneously come to think of as our “wounded self”.  This is where I allow the deep presence and loving acceptance of the heart that I can access to hold a spacious energetic container for you to somatically learn to relax and soften into the deeper core essence of your own souls' truth.

With my non-judgemental presence, your body will entrain to its own knowing of unconditional love over time.  You will always be held with kindness and respect, and all of the layers of egoic conditioned mind will also be held with kindness and respect until they can be integrated into your Higher Self consciousness.


Individual Sessions

I offer in person sessions in the Hilo/Puna area on the Big Island of Hawaii.  The time commitment is 2 hours.

In these sessions, you are welcome to share your current issue or challenge. I will support you by utilizing a combination of somatic awareness techniques, mindfulness-based techniques, and will utilize an empathic and intuitive feeling of the “field” you are in.

Together, we will navigate the layers of your emotional, psychological and spiritual predicament into an awareness of your situation, what your soul is asking for, and clarity as to what is being asked of you in this moment. It is not process-oriented; we engage in a meditative structure to allow the deeper answers to arrive within you.

You are always the guide while I gently facilitate your “awakening “ into what is revealing itself in the session. I do but guarantee any quick fixes but what I do guarantee is a deeper self connection that I believe is the key to any real growth or change.


Couples Counseling

The work I do with couples focuses on the area of intimacy. Intimacy is a wholistic experience and is not merely limited to the arena of sexuality, although it includes a persons sexuality.  Most relationship challenges seem to revolve around disconnection, which I interpret as an obstacle to experiencing a mutually satisfying relationship experience.

There is no quick fix, but a couples session with me can support you with awareness and tools for navigating your relationship with more clarity, and more intimacy skills.

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1-on-1 Online Calls

These sessions are exactly identical to the in person sessions. Please read above for more info.
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